Mt.Rinjani- Indonesia's best kept secrets.

It was by some stroke of luck that I found myself far from the tourist clamour of Bali and deep in the bosom of Indonesia’s hidden finest, Lombok Island. Here, thriving equatorial forests are encased by pristine white sand beaches bringing to mind an emerald lathered with diamonds. My nomadic journey across Indonesia led me to discover Mt Rinjani in August, last year.

Sukesh Viswanath

I am essentially a documentary filmmaker specialising in shooting wildlife. If you don’t find me in the sea, you’ll either find me behind the lens or in some remote jungle. Or maybe just behind the lens in the sea shooting with Sumer Verma who is an ace underwater photographer and the founder of Lacadives .

I also work with Evanescence Studios in Chennai, assisting and shooting with filmmaker/cinematographer Saravanakumar on few of his BBC, National Geographic assignments.